Say Good Bye To Acne Prone Skin

Acne continues to be a curse not only for teens but also for millions of adults. Although the problem starts at the age of puberty, it attacks the people with oily skin. It will not be correct to say that only females are prone to acne, even teen boys and adults can fall in the trap of this disgusting disease.

Disease? Is it correct to call it a disease?

According to many scientists and dermatologists, acne is a skin disease that occurs due to changes in the hormonal level of the body, which is mostly during puberty. There are many myths around the acne formation that it is due to dirty and unhealthy skin, unhealthy diet or lack of hygiene but according to fact and figures, the main reasons of this problem are heredity and hormones. Sometimes even stress is the cause of acne as it stimulates the hormones that in turn are responsible.

How can we prevent acne formation?

Some of the teenagers give up on their favorite dishes and chocolates because they believe unhealthy food habits will spoil their face with pimples. Some are found scrubbing their face many a times in a day thinking that it might save them from the ugly, and sometimes even painful, skin problem. You need to follow below tips if you want to save your skin from this embarrassing situation:

•In case you already have pimples, do not try to burst them as you might end up making it worse. Especially in case where you have pus formation, bursting the pimples is the worst thing you can do. By doing so the infection can spread even more to regions that were previously not infected. In some of the cases, scratching them might lead to scars or redness. For more acne solutions, visit

•Try not to touch your skin with your hand as it might spread the infection.

•Wash your face once or twice a day but avoid any sort of scrubbing or scrapping. For people who have this disease, it is best to wash the face with a lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide as it has the capability to fight against this problem.

•If you have acne on your body, avoid wearing tight body hugging clothes. This is important to let your body loose. Also, clean the clothes properly with a disinfected solution so that when you wear it next time, it should not lead to an infection again.